Design Internship


We are seeking a creative student with some design production experience in print design and photo retouching. The perfect candidate must be able to bridge the gap between stunning visual design and the printed piece. Student portfolio pieces will need to exhibit this. Candidate will need to meet tight deadlines in preparing pieces for production, while adhering to strict branding guidelines and production specifications. When called upon, candidate will support the digital production team and will be responsible for quality control of some aspects of post production.


The best candidate must have understanding of the Adobe Creative Suite along with an essential understanding of the elements of design and aesthetics, while contributing to the positive atmosphere of a close knit creative team.

Candidate should possess excellent communication skills in English both spoken and in writing. Spanish fluency is not required though desired. Willing to face challenges and a genuine interest in living in a different country and experiencing a completely new culture.


December 30th.


6 months to 1 year (the latter is preferred)


• Effective verbal and written communication

• Knowledge of Illustrator and Photoshop

• Working experience with InDesign

• Out-of-the-box mentality

• Strong analytical skills

• Superb organizational skills

• Humility to follow your supervisor’s instructions

• Outstanding spelling and writing skills

• Active participation in design critiques


Alexandra Nauth-Misir


I absolutely loved working at Cocoa Branding. The team became some of my best friends. I was introduced to a completely different way of thinking, which has provided me with an extremely valuable talent in the field of graphic design. I would not be where I am now if it wasn’t for the support and guidance from Cocoa.

Isabella Trani


My time at Cocoa Branding was an invaluable experience where I was taught so much by Dani my supervisor. From being an industrial designer student my knowledge of graphics was limited, but after the time I spent there I feel confident with my ability and know it all came from Cocoa. Working on such varied projects, it really fulfilled all my hopes of a graphic design placement, from posters, packaging to photography.

I would never replace the time I spent there, where all of the team were so welcoming and a delight to be around.

Nicole Rios


I have gained so much from the Cocoa experience as an intern. It has been able to give me the confidence and skills necessary that will open doors when I am competing with others for a position. I know I will stick out because of this experience as an intern at Cocoa Branding.

Interning there has helped me realize what direction I wanted to go with my career, while at the same time work with a team of talented and passionate individuals who understand the time it takes to learn, and were patient enough as they coached me through the skills I needed to acquire.

Kobi Draper-Ramm


Being a part of Cocoa was a fantastic opportunity to not only get to grips with graphic design work but also to experience Mexico within a stunning and culturally rich location. Experiencing Cocoa in the office was actually a pleasure, being more closely aligned to working within a small family as opposed to alongside colleagues. The experience was integral in developing my skills not only in graphic design but also how to communicate with clients and meet their demands.

Arguably, working at Cocoa has led me to wanting to pursue a career in Graphic Design and was life changing in a multitude of other ways for myself. I couldn’t have asked for a better placement. I am just fortunate enough to have applied, honestly being the best year of my life thus far.